Hairy moments

I’m not sure why but i felt compelled to write this entry, after a long hiatus from blogging.
As you know, growing old is part and parcel of life, although NOT necessary growing UP is part of that, LOL.
I did a fair bit of reflection and I am really thankful of the changes (towards maturity I hope, yikes) that GOD has worked in my life so far.
More to go, Alvin, more to go now before the head expanded to historic proportion.
There was a time in my life where my head is too big for my body hence the awkward proportions…well, that’s a story for another day.
Resting on my laurels is my strong point, unfortunately.
But one which need to be nipped in the butt bud quickly before it becomes a bad habit hard to shake off…like my eating habits which make the middle abdomen shake like a water balloon on steroids when one shakes ‘it’.

“The” “hair” has been a contentious point in my life.
Love it or hate it.
Okay whom am i kidding, it’s either you can “tahan” it or you totally loathe it with all your guts.
When i see these old pictures, i can only say the grace of God saw me through….especially the “parted red sea aka center parting” stage.
Grace of God. No kidding.
One should not take the grace of God for granted. Like EVER.
Pictures below is living proof of that. MAJOR LOL.
I warn you, it’s going to be pretty graphic.
To be safe, a plastic bag on the side would be wise. Wise indeed.

There was a time when one looked like girl. Chubby. Girly chubby.
Maybe mum wanted a girl first.
There are more pics of the toddler years, but mostly naked.
And i don’t even know why is that.
*shakes head*


A blurry pic below of 1 of the best years of my life. 5 years in high school were 1 of the most memorable part of my life.
The best friends were actually formed in those high school years.
Mostly good memories. Wonderful.
Yes, clearly i have an apparent weakness of appearing like a noob when taking pics in the past.
Grinning like “that” was the “happening” thing at that time.
I thought so.
How naive I am at a tender age of 13.


And here you go, the start of this painful part of my life, “The center parting” days.
It was cool at that time.
AT THAT TIME i must justify.
This pic was taken 1 day after SPM, when the mates all went up to Genting.
All by myself (i mean technically with friends) with no parents’ supervision.
I was on a tight leash back in the old days when my oldman was being too over-protective.
Many camps in high school years were missed because of that. Sobs.
Alright, again..that’s a story for another day.
I still keep in contact with half of them, i guess?
At least i added them as my fb friends? LOL


“Center-parting” days continued its destructiveness to the college days.
I bet you are more appalled at the hair rather than the mess i created on my baby-soft skin.
Not 1 of my best picture.
I know.


It was only few years ago i took pride in posing like “that”.
In “that” awful see-through adidas pants which i was so fond of.
Wisdom has yet to visit me during those days.
Many “What in the world was i doing?” moments.
And also “why?”.


Another big sad “WHY” moment.
Hundreds of the legendary “part the red sea” hair moments.
Too many to be included here.
If my calculations are correct, the chapter on “center parting” years lasted for a good old 10-11 years.
Okay i lied. At least 14-15 years.
I SAID STOP LAUGHING BEFORE I..I…..tear your body apart and eat as if its bak kut teh…  cry.


But the center parting has its good moments moment.
The pic below was featured in Monash magazine as 1 of the models.
I even need to sign a document so to give permission for my image to be used.
Yes i did it for free. I shouldn’t have tell u that piece of information so that u think i got paid for modelling so that i can brag. Too late.
It was a real Monash Uni magazine. =________=

All ‘good’ tings must finally come to an end.
And end it did.
There was the transitional period when one experimented with different hair styles.
You see, having a particular hairdo for so many sakai years does not welcome new change with open arms yah?
Here were the transitional hairdos which i can think of…

This hairdo is the “tried too hard to be different” look.
The desire to veer myself off from the center parting days unfortunately veered me so OFF course that one fell down and gotten lost. Forever. And. Ever.
The sister said this to mum at that time, “Why kor cut like chicken head like that?
One does feel like punching that grin off my face.
Yes one does. Go ahead, i won’t feel offended.


The next transition was welcomed with so much hope that it will be better.
Unfortunately, that hope was immediately crushed when i “put it on”.
As you can see, my generous portion of my forehead became so distracting that even the hair was not the main “attraction” anymore.
I gave it a good go. And that my friends, deserve some credit the very least.
Not sure why i see the word “exposed” when i see the pic below.


I thought this one below looked pretty decent, don’t u think so?
But it suffered the same problem with the previous pic.
Over-exposed generous portion of forehead.
If you are into big foreheads, i say you can go for this look.
The expression in the pic below says it all.


Here was a good attempt in fixing the over-exposed region.
Let the hair down and cover it.
This looked decent actually if i didn’t pose like that.
Yes, one does feel like punching him.
This pic below totally cry out “pervert”.


The Mother Mary ‘look’.
Now u believe me when i told u i looked like a gal when i was a toddler.


Well, i do had good moments here and there.
This was one of them.
Looking sharp.
Not bad, alvin, not bad.


This hair looked not too shabby don’t you think?
I know so.


And then i have go SPOIL IT.
If i have a time machine, i will go ALL the way back there, and slap myself all the way back to China.


And sooner or later, one does finally turned around to have a decent looking look.

Not too shabby look i’d say.
The curly moments started in year late 2012 till last week.
It was a good run. Bad days when the curliness got out of control.


And i changed again this week.

God is good.





One comment on “Hairy moments

  1. I nearly died of heart attack reading this amazing (and incredibly open/honest) sharing of your… erm … hairy experiences. 😉

    But yeah, I’m still parting the red sea when my hair grows long, and when it does, it curls at the back. Completely unbearable. Planning to get a hair cut TODAY.

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