it starts with Love of God. it ends with Love of God.

Wearing the red shirt to go to the monthly visitation to Rumah Panjang.
We have been doing it for quite a while since year 2011 began.
The team I am in, instead of people leaving from such community work (which is the norm nowadays), we have more people joining us.
They have been a blessing to me-self.
The encouragement they bring by just being there.
The highlight of that morning was a visitation to a very poor family.
A family of 8, no less.
We were chatting with the father and mother.
The young tods were sitting down listening intently to our conversation.
Then came the quickening of the heart inside to pray for their youngest child who is handicapped.
To be honest, I was reluctant as I felt out of place.
Plus, it’s a boo boo to do such thing knowing that they are M.
Then came the second tugging AGAIN, “I love this child” comes the tugging.
I look at the child and the love of God was reaching out to her.
I stop hesitating and be led by what is stirring inside and i asked the father,
“Can i pray for your daughter”.
He answered immediately, “of course you can..”.
After the prayer, the father mentioned that usually when strangers touched her, she will cry out loud, but this time, when i laid my hands on her head and prayed, her eyes were wide opened looking at me.
One of the church member went back to visit them after we left.
The father of the child was smiling from ear to ear telling about how grateful he was of the youth’s visitation.
He sensed the love, that instead of youths lepaking, they bothered to come to visit and even prayed.
In his own words, “their prayers were powerful”.
The beaming smile was a testament of the other church member’s tireless effort of visiting this family for the past 1.5 years.
Now we are seeing the fruit.
Rewind back to 1.5 years ago was a man who was angry and bitter and would not want any form of visitations.
Credit goes to God.
We only harvest it, and we pray that this family will continue to be open to the love of Christ.
As rightly said by the father, “i don’t care what religion you have, as long you show me love, i believe you”.
Love in action.
Let us not boast of how much we love God as truthfully we will fail.
Be it many reasons due to our human limitations.
But, God has no limitations.
Hence boast of His love for us.
Because of His amazing love for us, only can we show love to others.
I pray that the youths will open their hearts to God on a daily basis to receive His unconditional love.
His unconditional love will change you inside out.
No doubts about that.


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One comment on “it starts with Love of God. it ends with Love of God.

  1. bring me there nxt time can? hehe.
    that’s the reason of my passion-i wan to see their beaming smiley n let them know life is always with hope n loves 🙂
    i enjoy to talk to them, listen their voices at heart, know them more, understand what they think about… i jus love that:)
    i used to talk to an old lady, who her son n daughther don’t bother to take care of her. The conversation with her making me broke into tears just so naturally somehow. They need loves, n someone who will listen to them patiently, smile with them…just a very simple thing, not any other luxurious gifts.

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