He first…


It is not us who chose Him but He first chose us.
He chose to love us.
And that choice cost Him.
He chose us on the basis of His first love for us…and here we are, trying so hard, occupying our time with multiple attempts trying to please Him when He is already pleased with us.
Didn’t He die for us when we were yet sinners?
For we have nothing in us to earn that love.
With the understanding of the above, it did not reduce us to being lazy or worst, a person who now has license to commit sins of the biggest proportion.
Strangely, it’s the opposite from what we fear most. Instead, we become more loving, more at peace with ourselves, more gracious to others who “sin” against us…The ‘effects’ will take time as the Spirit in us work His nature in us and this change is not impulsive, not rush, not rude. Such change will last a life time.
The fruits will be evidently seen in them who just soak themselves in the truth that, “for He first loved us”…
Isn’t this the grace of God as written in the Bible.
Grace is a person, grace is Jesus.
How simple can truth be.
My Father chose me.
And He never make any mistakes, ever.
I’m yours, Jesus, no regrets.


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